The goal of HM is to encourage our readers to “Set your affection on things
above…” and thereby to be the greater and more effective witness to
Christ.   Articles may be shared freely and reproduced but only in their
entirety.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

About the Author
John Dickey has published devotional essays for many years and they are
read by thousands on a monthly basis including hundreds of pastors in
dozens of countries.  His writing is intended for encouragement and
edification as well as thoughtful meditation by those who have established
a relationship with God through Christ.  Challenging religious
conventions, he endeavors to build upon the uncluttered basics of God’s
Word and to point out His holy character throughout.  
John has some 34 years of experience in missions, as a pastor and in
Bible teaching.  He and his family have ministered the gospel in twenty
countries. His essays  and artwork emphasize the wonders of a sincere
relationship with God through Christ and the eager expectation of His
imminent return.  

About the Essays
Two days after his seventeenth birthday, the Lord took my dear son
Gabriel into His own loving arms, welcoming him home.  His brother
Lance, was already there.  After nearly thirty years of sincere faith in Christ,
how could my heart be so devastated and remorseful.  Where was hope
and joy?  Anyone who has lost a child understands the depths of grief that
can flood the soul.
But heaven?  I understood so little about it.  At the same time, I more
desperately longed for it and especially the fellowship with my Savior than
I could have ever dreamt.  I cannot boast of these writings.  I can only say
that they are penned in brokenness and with a deep desire to personally
know God better.  They are not particularly intellectual but reflect a
personal devotion and desire for intimacy with God and His Son.   
Along this journey, God’s loving hand has indeed been guiding.  Faith,
trust, peace and even joy has been rediscovered.  Come and see. -- John